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A Defense of Prof. Hans Hoppe, Part III

This is part III of my series on my friend Hans Hoppe.
Here are the two other parts:
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2. https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/defense-prof-hoppe-part-ii/

From: R
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 5:25 PM
To: Walter Block
Subject: A Defense of Hans Hermann Hoppe

Thank you Dr. Block for writing the Defense of Hans Hermann Hoppe. I too have learned immensely from his genius work, across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Political economy being chief among them. To my disgust, I have read and listened to his detractors ad nauseum for years. There are certain libertarian functions that I refuse to attend anymore as the Hoppe mudslinging begins almost from the onset. Porcfest chief among these.

Recently, I have adopted the Doug Casey approach. I’ll mention a paper from Hoppe to another anarchist or libertarian, if the word “fascist” or Nazi pops up, discussion over. It’s extremely hurtful, personally, as I had lived in Germany, during and after the Cold War, and find these epitaphs quite offensive. In agreement, we as freedom loving people should find a way to get along with our fellow travelers. The goal of reducing state power and influence is common among us. This should be our prime directive, not bickering over someone’s libertarian purism. I’ll stand with Rand, Ron, Hans, Jeffrey, yourself or anyone else who is trying to curtail the state. In my opinion this is the only way we’re going to get from here to there. Thanks again for your brilliant work as well!

Dear R: Thanks for your important comment on my friend Prof. Hans Hermann Hoppe. To some extent, the success of his career can be calculated by the quantity and “quality” of his detractors. A similar measure applies, too, to his mentors, Murray N. Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises. All three have been excoriated by massive numbers of economists, journalists, philosophers, intellectuals who really should have known better. This is all to Hans’ credit. This is a feather in his cap. You are quite right to characterized the contribution of Prof. Hoppe as that of a “genius.” In my own mind, Hoppe’s work reminds me of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach; both of them are: brilliant, beautiful, relentless, logical, rigorous, uncompromising. It is an honor for me to be able to call him my friend.

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3:58 pm on December 28, 2017

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