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Continuum Problem

From: NF
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 11:25 PM
To: Walter Block
Subject: Libertarian Question
It is against libertarian law to get a mega leaf lower and blow someone off a cliff, but what if they put themselves to close to the edge that just you breathing will push them off? Are you then not allowed to breathe? I see three situations,
1. Someone puts himself on the cliff
2. Nature puts them on the cliff, like if the person were to be blind and accidentally walk there
3. Someone puts a gun to person A’s head and tells person B that he’ll kill A if person B breathes
Are you allowed to breathe under any or all of these circumstances? My instinct is that you may under all of them, but you have more knowledge than me. NF

Dear NF: Such false modesty? This is a continuum problem. There are no real clear answers:
Block, Walter and William Barnett II. 2008. “Continuums” Journal Etica e Politica / Ethics & Politics, Vol. 1, pp. 151-166, June; http://www2.units.it/~etica/; http://www2.units.it/~etica/2008_1/BLOCKBARNETT.pdf

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