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Youth Unemployment; Student Loan Debt

From: TC
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 6:48 PM
To: wblock@loyno.edu
Subject: Introduction & Inquiry
Dear Dr. Block, I hope this finds you well and having had a remarkable 2016. Simply wanted to write you directly complimenting you on your 40 plus years of scholarship and championing of freedom, liberty, and peace – the pillars of any prosperous society. I had the distinct pleasure of hearing you speak in person for the first time this past October at the B.C. Libertarian Party annual convention at Columbia College, where I also had the honor of being elected to the provincial party’s board of directors. I am also deeply interested in your opinion on a commercial concept myself and a partner are presently incubating given both your scholarly background and unique (and refreshing) Libertarian perspective:
The two big problems we are attempting to address with Cosigned are youth unemployment (13.3% global) and student loan debt ($1.5 Trillion U.S. & CAD alone) by and student loan debt ($1.5 Trillion U.S. & CAD alone) by originating, underwriting, and servicing business grants (small business acquisition loans) directly to new high school graduates, providing them with a “third option” of owning their own business after graduation as an alternative to attending college/university or entering the workforce. I realize that you are much too busy to reply in most cases, but needless to say any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and for your kind consideration all the same. Sincerely, TC

Dear TC: I don’t know if this will be of much help, but gargantuan youth unemployment is almost entirely due to minimum wages. This is a no brainer for the BCLP: favor the complete elimination of this pernicious law. As for student debt, it was voluntarily undertaken, and so should not be much of a challenge for libertarians. However, it is owed to the government, and that institution already has far too much money. So, you might adopt the plank of forgiving past student debt, and prohibiting the government from lending out any more money in future. I hope this helps. Best regards, Walter.

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