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Causes of Crime in Chicago; Part II.

From: RG
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:26 AM
To: Walter
Subject: Chicago Shootings and Deaths – LewRockwell
I just read your article


article and while I do of course, support your libertarian proposals. I would say, as a resident of the city, that even if they were implemented, they would not solve the problem. Your statement
“the causal elements are, in this case, government programs. When they are ended, the murder rate in Chicago will plummet” is wrong. The causal element is the mindset of the black community. Nothing will work until the black community adopts the values of libertarianism. Having libertarian policies are not nearly sufficient (though they are necessary). RG

Dear RG: You make a good point. The overall black crime rate is higher than that for whites. Much higher. However, I, too, was correct in what I said. Remember, I was talking about Chicago, and only Chicago. What is different in Chicago, compared to most places where black people live? Why, the mayor there, Rahm Emanuel, is a staunch government interventionist! The proof that what I said was correct is this: if the only problem were that the “black community (has not yet) adopt(ed) the values of libertarianism,” well, civility in any case since few whites are libertarians either, then how do you account for the fact that the Chicago crime rate is much higher than most other cities disproportionately over represented by black? (New Orleans also fits this bill, but this city also has a “progressive” mayor). If “values” were the only, or major, causal element of black crime, then it would be difficult to account for this fact of higher Chicago crime rates. Therefore, I insist, government intervention is a salient causal element in the Second City debacle. Another point; black crime was way lower in the 1930s than at present; yet, “values” then were probably just about the same as now. This strongly indicates something else is going on. I suggest changing government policies. Best regards, Walter

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