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The Tragedy of the Commons; the Evil Elinor Ostrom

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From: RW
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 10:58 AM
To: wblock@loyno.edu
Subject: The Tragedy of the Commons and Incentives
Dear Professor Block, I am a first year Philosophy PhD student and identify as a left-libertarian. I am currently researching the tragedy of the commons and my supervisor takes the view that this is an ‘aggregative harm’ (a harm caused by no one individual but instead by a group of individuals) and that it is best solved by forming a collective which regulates how individuals use the commons and which promotes ’the common good’. I disagree with this analysis. I first want to argue that the main problem with the tragedy of the commons is that no individual has an incentive to preserve it (in fact, they have an incentive to use it quickly before someone else uses it all up!), and that private property rights are a better way to address this incentive problem since private property rights now give individual users a personal stake in how their bit of the commons is treated. I was wondering if you could recommend any papers which would be a good place to start this sort of response. Thank you very much. Kind regards, RW

Dear RW: You don’t sound like a left libertarian to me. Rather, you sound like a sensible libertarian, neither right nor left. Yes, I entirely agree with you about the tragedy of the commons, a mainstay of the free market environmentalist defense of private property rights. Perhaps the most sophisticated critic of the concept, the tragedy of the commons, is the evil Elinor Ostrom, recent Nobel Prize winner.

Here are some critiques of her:

Block, Walter E. 2011. Review essay of Ostrom, Elinor. 1990. Governing the commons: The evolution of institutions for collective action. Cambridge, UK and New York, NY: Cambridge University Press; in Libertarian Papers, Vol. 3, Art. 21; http://libertarianpapers.org/2011/21-block-review-of-ostroms-governing-the-commons/

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here is some material on thick libertarianism, along with some criticisms:

For advocates of thick libertarianism, see Gilllespie and Welch, 2011; Johnson, 2008A, 2008B, 2013; Long, 2007, 2008A, 2008B; Reisenwitz, 2013; Richman, 2014A, 2014B, 2014C, 2014D; Tucker, 2014; Vallier, 2013, 2014; Zwolinski, 2011

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The Plot Thickens

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Thickness Unto Death

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Monster Thickburger Libertarianism

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For critics of thick libertarianism, e.g., supporters of thin libertarianism, see Albright, 2014; Block,2014A, 2014B, 2014C, Forthcoming; Bonneau, 2014A, 2014B; Cantwell, 2014; Gordon, 2011; Hornberger, 2014; McCaskey, 2014; Montgomery and Block, 2016; Mosquito, 2014A, 2014B, 2016C; Rockwell, 2014; Sanchez, 2014; Smith, 2014; Vance, 2014; Wenzel, 2014A, 2014B; Williamson and Block, forthcoming; Woods, 2013.

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